Review on Mojo Pizza


Mojo is a new pizza chain in electronic city. They don’t have dine-in restaurant. So, it’s only for the delivery.

A much recommended break from the Domino’s and Pizza hut. The crust is nice. The pizzas are nice and loaded with veggies and toppings. The pizza of 10 inch at this price is really amazing. The pizzas are exquisite well made and served pretty promptly. Since, they don’t have personal Pizza, difficult for the single person. Also, Medium can be consumed by 3 people easily because of the Size.

The prices are pretty reasonable compare to other popular Pizza outlets in the City. They always delivered my pizzas on time hot, fresh and tasty. Overall, I enjoyed the Pizzas and definitely recommend Mojo Pizza. High quality, good taste, quick delivery, extraordinarily large portion for one. Worth the money spend.

We ordered

  1. Tex – Mex special pan tossed pizza
  2. Farm fresh pan tossed pizza
  3. Farm fresh Cheese burst pizza
  4. Choco lava
  5. Garlic bread






I got a great experience from Mojo Pizza. Doing great job 👌

Overall, I enjoyed the Pizzas and definitely recommend Mojo Pizza. Would definitely try on more options some time soon. Would surely order more from this place hence forth!

Ratings: 4.75 on 5

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