Haptik – Free Personal Assistant

Have been using the Haptik app, for quite sometime now and hence thought of reviewing this.

Haptik is an Indian application, founded by Aakrit Vaish and Swapan Rajdev in 2013, with goal of making Customer Service more approachable and is based on a Customer Support / User to Business Messaging model, using texting for productivity.

It is like normal text messaging that enables one to chat with experts for any query related to any company or service. Personal chat assistant app which helps you with many day to day tasks like Recharge, Bill Payment, Web-Check-in, Flight Booking, Movies booking, Plumber,  carpenter etc. It also make your appointments with doctor and book Cabs for you.

As a user of Haptik, one gets to leverage a one-point access for majorly all queries, to almost 200 companies and brands such as – telecom, cable services, automobile, shopping, airlines, banks and others sectors across 9 categories. Be it – searching for information, completing a task or buying/ordering anything, their Assistants are trained across various verticals to help you get your work done within an average response time of 5 minutes.

Taking the case of a ‘personal assistant’ startup, the entire idea is to “assist” people with their daily errands. Essentially, complete tasks/errands on their behalf. This app is so helpful for people struggling day in and out. It is not less than a real life personal assistant because it functions with proper understanding of your needs and necessities. You can actually order your requirements via chats available on their app, you can also WhatsApp the needs list to the team and watch it get done just the way you want it to.

Their app is amazingly user friendly without any computer chatbot and they are active and quick in responding to various queries, doubts and orders. This app is a must try for everyone to reduce the work loads and unnecessary pressure from tasks that can be actually done more easily by the app leaving you hassle less and free to focus on other important things in life.

Let me dive right into the Working of the app. How does Haptik Assistant works?

  1. Install the app and choose the company from the list of companies, your query is concerned towards.
  2. You can either choose from a predefined set of questions or write their unique question to Haptik representative, and accordingly, the Expert on the other side gets the Chat.
  3. Be sure that, their experts have immense knowledge about the given topics about what he’s about to assist the user in.. They go through complete training and are also embedded with unique mechanisms at the backend to help the customers as well.
  4. If the query can be handled by the Expert itself ( in most cases, it is), the chat ends when the User is happy and satisfied. And if the query is beyond the reach of the Experts, then in such cases, the Expert reaches out to the concerned company itself, on behalf of the user, and would also keep the customer in the loop. Expert will set a Callback / Complaint with the company with an estimate as to when the issue might be resolved.
  5. Lastly, when the issue is resolved, the chat is considered complete.

Revenue model of Haptik

Haptik themselves makes it clear that they have no plans to charge anything from consumers. However they keep their commission in every booking you make from them. This commission is not any additional cost but its given by service provider to Haptik.

Competitors: Siri on IOS, google now

If anyone else is interested to see what Haptik offers, you can download the app here: Android Apps on Google Play

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