My regular Skincare & Haircare Essentials

Hi Beauties, I am very lazy person when it comes to skin care and hair care. It is really very important to give skin and hair a little pampering and rejuvenation every now and then. My essentials and favorites for regular skincare and haircare routine are as follows – Himalaya Herbals Neem Foaming Face Wash…… Continue reading My regular Skincare & Haircare Essentials

Lakme Product review

Hey lovelies, I am back, with a brand review blog. I’ll talk bout Lakme because everybody loves Lakme. It is known to be an Indian affordable brand, easy to purchase for all women out there. Lakme blush and glow face wash with strawberry extracts. The product claims deep cleansing of skin washing away dirt and other impurities,…… Continue reading Lakme Product review

EveryDay College Essentials – Weekday Edit

College is hard! There is always a ton of reading to be done, assignment to be completed, club meetings to attend, studying to be done and of course the dreaded assignments that creep up every other day. There are a few things that have helped me during my first college journey and some things that are…… Continue reading EveryDay College Essentials – Weekday Edit

Ayur’s Sunscreen Review

Hello everyone, How are you guys and how are you enjoying sudden monsoons? The summers are on with slight rain, and we know how important SPF is to beat the rays and simultaneously the rain washes away the sunscreen. Coming to today’s post, I’ll be reviewing Ayur’s sunscreen which I have been using for more than…… Continue reading Ayur’s Sunscreen Review

Review on Mojo Pizza

Mojo is a new pizza chain in electronic city. They don’t have dine-in restaurant. So, it’s only for the delivery. A much recommended break from the Domino’s and Pizza hut. The crust is nice. The pizzas are nice and loaded with veggies and toppings. The pizza of 10 inch at this price is really amazing.…… Continue reading Review on Mojo Pizza

Best Social Media Networks

Social media has emerged as the most powerful content marketing platform. These are incredible resources for businesses looking to promote their brands online. The key is to know your market, know the product or service you are promoting, and then getting good content and marketing know how on the sites. For any business, garnering a…… Continue reading Best Social Media Networks